a little design for everyone (in a bag)

A few years back Target did that ad campaign they called 'Design for All" which I loved in concept and I hope in some way I am able to bring that idea to the architecture world (that everyone, not just the rich, should have access to well-designed homes).  The interior design industry I think is bringing it to us in a big way these days.  Yes, you can go hire Bunny Williams for a bazillion dollars per hour (she is that amazing!) or now you can work with a talented designer via phone or email room-by-room for much much much less.  And these designers have all come up with ingenious way to deliver their goods (floor plans, samples, etc.) to your doorstep.

Bag Contents

design in a bag is a design service by Rebekah Zaveloff (of HGTV and Chicago's KitchenLab) that "puts professionally coordinated kitchen and bath designs in your hands" for around $100.  It includes cabinet, countertop, tile and paint samples, a shopping list and hand-drawn renderings.

La Colle

The finish and material options these days for kitchens and baths are endless and overwhelming.  If you don't have time or just don't feel like spending hours going from showroom to showroom, you can pick from dozens of pre-selected palettes either by color (cool, warm or neutral) or collection (modern, classic or vintage).


I am actually considering this one for our kitchen (if we ever get to that project!).  Check out the site.  Find them on Facebook and Twitter too!

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