a mini sabbatical

We’ve been:

: packing, packing, packing
: eating lots of insalata caprese salad with fresh tomatoes out of our garden (thanks, Dad!)
: tearing out carpet from the 1980’s and installing bamboo
: moving the unmovables such as liquor, cleaning supplies, propane and other liquids and a plasma TV
: ordering orla kiely wallpaper samples (not exactly sure where to put them yet)


We have lots left to do to prepare for Tuesday (moving day) and quite a bit of flooring to staple down before then.  I have to say I am soo missing thinking about and composing posts for the blog and being more engaged in the blog world (even though it hasn’t been that long since my last post).  My mind is in a thousand different places and I have found it hard to concentrate and put thoughts together lately.  It’s frustrating, but I accept that I am only one person and sometimes something has to give.

My motto for the past couple of weeks has been: KEEP CALM & CARRY ON inspired by Victoria’s (and others’) poster.

I’ll be back at the end of next week probably (to write more about House Thinking), and I will still be keeping tabs on all my favorite bloggers in the meantime.  You’re so inspiring and keep me carrying on!  Thanks for all your good words and thoughts.

ps.  We are counting the days until we can try some of this…

Order Antabuse