a way to get less junk mail

reduce the number of catalogs you receive: https://www.dmachoice.org/MPS or http://www.catalogchoice.org/
opt out of those annoying pre-approval letters: https://www.optoutprescreen.com/

via Design Milk

Both good for the environment, less paper wasted, less paper to be recycled, but also good for you.  Think about how much time and energy you spend each week going through junkmail.  I try to do it quick but I still end up having to open about half of our junkmail to make sure it does not have any private information on it.  Such a time and space waster!  Arrr.

ps.  I must have done something bad, because Typepad has not let me insert images for the past few days.  Hopefully we’ll be back to normal soon.

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