a little gardening in the snow

Since everything ‘green‘ is ‘in’ now, House & Garden
magazine has a new(er) feature called Eco Chic | Easy on Nature.  In
the November 2006 issue (I know, I am way behind on my mag reading) I
was fixated on Sweetwater Nursery’s Ecoforms garden pots.  The all-natural pots are made from by-products of renewable and sustainable crops.
     They contain no wood or petroleum ingredients, do not deplete natural resources, and decompose in the landfill.  EcoForms™ are made from grain husks (primarily rice hulls) and natural binding agents (starch-based, water-soluble binders and biodegradable additives).  And in colors like Avocado, Harvest and Mocha, how can I resist.  The best part is they start at $3.  The bad part is you can’t buy them online.  You have to call call John Hoffman at (530) 320-6829 or Sweetwater Nursery
        at (707) 566-8133.  You may also send e-mail to sales@ecoforms.com.

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