I’m Erinn Wenrich.

I believe that EVERYONE IS WORTH GOOD DESIGN.  I think that our homes and workplaces can and should bring about and reflect the life we want to live.

I work with runners.  Runners of homes and businesses.  I help them create spaces that facilitate success.

my previous life

I played with LEGO® ‘s when I was a little.  My favorite song was So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright by Simon & Garfunkel, I was constantly rearranging the furniture in my room as soon as I was old enough to physically move it and I watched my parents continuously (and sometimes begrudgingly) renovate their post World War I suburban Philadelphia home (and they’re still renovating it today).

Over the last 18 years I’ve had the privilege of working with nationally recognized architecture and interior design firms in Philly and New York and with some of the best clients up and down the eastern seaboard.  In 2010 I decided to put it all (well, most of it) behind me when my daughter was born and 17 months later started my own design studio in hopes of bringing a bit more SPACIAL MEANING AND HARMONY to lots more of you.

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