all this talk about ‘green’ makes my eyes glaze over

So I was glad to read this article (via materialicious) in the Washington Post entitle "Greed in the Name of Green".

Quoted from the article "Really going green, Hawken says, "means having less. It does mean less. Everyone is saying, ‘You don’t have to change your lifestyle.’ Well, yes, actually, you do."

Our consumerism and overspending is now justified becauase we can buy green and organic products.  Or is it?

This question is why I roll my eyes everytime someone else comes out with some organic luxury product.  And why I was very disappointed in the current issue of Domino magazine where they highlighted Ted Turner’s daughter’s 6,200 square foot mansion (excuse me, Ecomanor) as a green house.  Not even a family of five needs to live in a 6,200 square foot house and if we don’t get out of that mindset we get no closer to solving the environmental problems we have.  I don’t care how many recycled products you can squeeze into a home that size.  It doesn’t automatically make it sustainable.

I do believe in doing just one thing a day to do my part in helping the environment but if we don’t think more wholistically in terms of our homes, how we live our lives and how much we consume, I believe we are just spinning our wheels.

I am stepping down from my soap box now.

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