Apartment Therapy Fall Home Cure

I have been wanting to say something about what has been happening with the financial markets but just haven't had my head together enough to put anything down on paper (or on the screen).  But I received a great email from AT today and Maxwell said what I have been feeling and probably said it more eloquently too!

"While the daily financial news couldn't be more dramatic (is someone writing this stuff?), and here in NYC there is a palpable sense of disbelief in the air, I have no doubt that the fall out from this crisis will touch every one of us in some way.

But, unlike many, I think this may be a good thing.

I believe that we're being handed a tremendous opportunity to refocus and rise to a new challenge, for as horrified as folks may be, there is no one in the financial business that I know who is surprised. These problems have been coming down the road for a while now and, if nothing else, it's a clear signal that it's time to change our style.

At AT, we've long believed in the value and gratification of getting your house in order, living with quality (versus quantity) and creating a home that supports you in all of your roles: professional, personal, spiritual. Now, then, is the time to slow down, work off debt, de-clutter, simplify and pare down to those things that are most important.

It's a time to focus on happiness and spend more time at home." – Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

See the original email here.  And join in on the AT Fall Home Cure.

My own $.02:  I truly believe that our consumer (and sometimes greedy) culture has begun to catch up with us.  We can blame Bush, or the Republicans or the Democrats or Wall Street or the Banking industry.  Or we can each take responsibility for ourselves and how we live and how the way we live contributes to our community as a whole.  We need to take another look, reevaluate, and why shouldn't that start at home?


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