New Reality 2009 by Apartment Therapy

In case some of you don't subscribe to the Apartment Therapy newsletter, today's was great.  Here's a snippet and the link for the full letter is below.  It is worth reading.  Within the newsletter there is also a link to a NYT article that is also very interesting.

"As our economy "de-leverages" and the illusory power of credit and
debt is removed from every facet of our lives, we are starting to see
things for what they are worth, and to see ourselves for what we are
worth. Just yesterday I
visited a home that a year ago was priced at $1.3 million dollars and
just sold for $750,000. That's not a huge discount, that's what it's
actually worth when you remove the inflation of an economy based on
borrowed money.

Unlike the loss of super-powers, knowing what things are really
worth and knowing can be a very grounding and gratifying experience. It
allows us to get off the endless wheel of chasing our cravings, and get
back to simply seeing what
it feels like to aim for happiness."

See full newsletter here: Apartment Therapy

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