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The house is decorated for the most part.  I went with a more minimal approach this year instead of decking out the entire house.  I love what I call our vintage tree.  It’s actually a tinsel tree I got at BJ’s last year decorated with vintage glass ornaments my grandmother gave me and Pier 1 gift garland.

I splurged this year for two new stockings from Hable Construction and they are so worth it.

I made some soft trees from Stephanie Barnes’ pattern.  I haven’t sewn in quite awhile, so it was a great little project to try out on my great aunt’s sewing machine that I so luckily inherited.  It is also a great project if you have never sewn and want to try.

And I tried two recipes by Shauna James Ahern (the Gluten-Free Girl).  Both the Lemon Olive Oil Cookies and the Spicy Ginger Cookies are delicious.  I want to try the Holiday Fruit and Nut Balls but my food processor conked out on me.  I have asked Santa for this, but I think I am maxed out on my wishlist.

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