dansko : is it spring yet?

So I can buy and wear these shoes. from Dansko's new Sanibel Collection, called Volley They are vegan. as see in Whole Living buy here (Philly people) Did you know?  Dansko's Office and Retail Center is in West Grove, PA.  It was designed by a firm I used to work for.

welcome february (and my 3rd love)

I love the snow.  I really do.  But I am done with winter.  So. Done.  Thanks Bethany for the cute wallpaper! And my 3rd love, that would be my Kindle.  I somehow can never read one book at a time and having a Kindle just exacerbates that 'problem', but I love it.  I especially enjoy […]

Farrow & Ball’s new 2011 colours

Lovely.  See them here.

dad project no. 2

We have one large wall in our 'TV room'.  I didn't want to hang artwork or pictures on it but wanted something to hang there to break up the wall and possibly reflect the light from the windows on the opposite wall.  I looked around at mirrors but I never found anything I liked (or […]

dare to dream : Grateful: Day 10

I've lived in homes, apartments, dormitories.  Sometimes owned, sometimes rented.  On occasion, beautifully appointed.  Some of the memories are happy, some not.  The details change. But one thing has not. Every day of my life, I have shelter. via daretodream.typepad.com

dad project no. 1

There is seriously nothing better than a retired parent(s).  My dad retired a couple of years ago and in between breaking up old concrete in his basement, caring for Kheri a few hours each week and reading the paper while sipping coffee at Panera Bread he made this wonderful coat rack for us.  On the […]

thirsty : Pokal tumblers

We have a these glasses and as they have broken I haven't been replacing them.  They have these giant 'dimples' on the bottom that collect a ridiculous amount of water in the dishwasher and I have been on the hunt for new tumblers (w/o dimples).  I love these from Ikea and how much more affordable […]

fancy packing tape : TapeSwell

I love this decorative packing tape from TapeSwell.  Check out the ideas!


We covered the base of our Christmas tree in burlap (I purchased a roll of it from Terrain) and now I have a thing for burlap.  It's so utilitarian – like those old grain sacks – yet so pretty used in a new way.  I stumbled upon these burlap buckets.  These would be great all […]

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