billy buttons

I can’t remember when I first saw Billy Buttons.  It may have been on a family trip to Arizona.  In addition to Tulips and Ranunculus, Billy Buttons are another of my all-time favorite flowers, dried and fresh.  Sometimes called Billy Balls or Woollyheads and by their proper name Craspedia, their appeal to me is obviously in their color (yellow is my favorite) but also in their simplicity.  They are popping up all over the place, which only confirms their universal appeal.  Now that we are in our ‘long-term’ house I am even more motivated to make a point to try to grow all of my favorite plants and flowers so I bought some Billy Button seeds yesterday.  Fingers crossed!


1. Billy Balls2, 2. craspedia billy button, 3. [Asteraceae] Craspedia maxgrayi Everett et Joy Thomps. 04.08.2004, 4. Craspedia pleiocephala, 5. Craspedia, 6. The faucet and backsplash, 7. Craspedia-Billy-button, 8. yellow buds, 9. Yellow Ball Flowers

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