bioshield natural paints and cork flooring

I received a fun package in the mail a couple of weeks ago from Bioshield Paint.   I saw their ad in Old House Interiors and sent away for their catalog and color chips.  They make a great line of Healthy Living Paints: clay paints, solvent free wall paint, color washes, caesin milk paints, kinder paints (for kiddies) and more.

Kinder Paint no-no list:
No Acrylic Copolymer
No Anti-microbial agents
No Preservative
No Ethylene Glycol

I found pleasing colors on each chart that I received.

A total surprise was their amazing collection of cork flooring.  Cork has become very popular in the last several years because of it’s sustainability, but there are definitely various types of cork available which can give you drastically different looks.  I would say choosing the right color and grain of cork should be given the same amount of consideration as choosing wall paint colors for any room.

You can download their catalog and also order color charts and cork samples.

I am considering Mountain Sky 30 for our kitchen.

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