blog-lite AND Martha Stewart Crafts

The happy living Blog is and will be lite over the next week and a half.  I have a couple of major things going on that unfortunately require much time away from the web world.

B u t . . .

I’m reading an amazing book I want to share with you when I am back in full-force.


Have you head the buzz about Martha Stewart Crafts?  As if ‘she’ doesn’t take enough of our money…but for anyone who feels they are craft-challenged, a paper flower kit might be a great way to jump start your creative juices.


I am on the hunt for this for our garden.


And I am looking forward to May 15th, the first annual international Freedom From Self-Improvement Day.  After next week’s hurdles, I’ve committed to no self, nor any home improvement for at least a week, if not more.  I do plan to get a pedicure, though 🙂 since it’s flip flop season. 

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