buy and renovate to get your ideal home

I don’t know if it’s a buyers’ market or not, but every time I turn around another house goes up for sale in my area.  Consider yourself lucky if you find ‘the perfect home’ out there.  Most times in some way, small or big, a home whether brand spankin new or historically old will fall short of meeting ALL your needs or wants.  But with all the inventory of houses for sale, prices are good which means you can buy something in the ballpark of ‘perfect’ and spend some cash to renovate it and bring it up a notch.  If you are looking to buy AND RENOVATE a home take a look at my home-buyer packages which can help you discover the HIDDEN POTENTIAL of a house/property and also determine if the improvements you want to make are FEASIBLE, BUDGET FRIENDLY AND MARKET SUSTAINABLE.

The packages are designed to be quick, painless (aka user friendly) and affordable.  I can also custom design a package for you.  And I’m always happy to coordinate with your real estate agent and/or general contractor.  Drop me a line.

You can check out a home-buyer session I did for a local lakefront property to get a better of idea of the process.

Happy Hunting!


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