weekend & jersey city apartment tour

We went to the Yankees game on Saturday. And then we spent the rest of the weekend with friends in Jersey City.  As promised, here’s a mini tour of Annisia and James‘ great apartment.  You can see the full size photos and tour here. 

my new favorite snail mail catalog :: at west end

Maybe I have have been living under a rock.  But before the at west end catalog arrived over the weekend, I had never heard of them.  Their address is from Mississippi.  Anyone there know of them?  Probably the slowest I’ve browsed through a catalog in a long time…move over anthropologie.  I was also pleasantly surprised […]

Decorating with Pink a la Martha Stewart & Kevin Sharkey

Despite being the magazine junkie that I am, I don’t have a subscription to Martha Stewart Living.  The past several issues just weren’t grabbing me and I’m more into Blueprint now, so I just snag someone else’s copy for a bit or look through it over coffee in Borders if I have the chance.  I […]

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