some things I learned about hanging window treatments

First, collect all your tools before you begin that way you don’t have to run up and down two flights of stairs multiple times.  Second, don’t assume that the shade manufacturer has provided all the necessary hardware required to properly hang your shade. I decided to hang the shades tight up to the ceiling.  Our […]

Lenkart, The Art of Decor

More handcrafted goodness by Lenkart…lovely decorative pillows.  Check out the monthly specials! A few of my favorites…    

weekend & jersey city apartment tour

We went to the Yankees game on Saturday. And then we spent the rest of the weekend with friends in Jersey City.  As promised, here’s a mini tour of Annisia and James‘ great apartment.  You can see the full size photos and tour here. 

my new favorite snail mail catalog :: at west end

Maybe I have have been living under a rock.  But before the at west end catalog arrived over the weekend, I had never heard of them.  Their address is from Mississippi.  Anyone there know of them?  Probably the slowest I’ve browsed through a catalog in a long time…move over anthropologie.  I was also pleasantly surprised […]

good book :: Let’s Get Comfortable: How to furnish and decorate a welcoming home By Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams

For a long time I have been a huge fan of MG and BW’s furniture and classic style.  I think this book appeals to many different tastes because their pieces are so versatile and definitely gives both great inspiration and practical space planning solutions for home.  There are tips on finding your own comfort at […]

Decorating with Pink a la Martha Stewart & Kevin Sharkey

Despite being the magazine junkie that I am, I don’t have a subscription to Martha Stewart Living.  The past several issues just weren’t grabbing me and I’m more into Blueprint now, so I just snag someone else’s copy for a bit or look through it over coffee in Borders if I have the chance.  I […]

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