clean up

spring cleaning

Does anyone really do spring cleaning anymore?  It was more of a necessity back in the day when fireplaces were the main source of heat during the winter and the rugs and drapes needed to have the soot shaken out.  But spring is still the most popular time to do a deep-clean around the house, […]

canning the housecleaner

I did something crazy a few weeks ago.  I let my housecleaner go.  He was great.  No complaints there.  But I had been thinking about it for awhile and just decided to go ahead and do it.  It was really a bit of luxury for us and great while it lasted.  Originally he came every two […]

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and IKEA Docksta table

Never thought you’d see those words all together.  I inherited a Docksta table from my very cool brother and it needed a bit of cleaning up.  I picked up a couple of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and wholla! the table is like new again.  This may not be a light bulb moment to the rest […]

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