clawfoot bathtubs :: cost-saving tip

clawfoot bathtubs :: cost-saving tip

I absolutely love the look of clawfoot bathtubs with their undersides painted black. Matte, glossy, semi. Whatever. A high end fixture manufacturer (I won’t name names) has been making this tub for awhile now and it. is. pricey. Absurdly pricey. On a recent restoration project I was working on, we proposed using aforementioned tub, which […]



Just because I never get tired of yellows and greys… Farrow & Ball’s colors for 2012 image from Farrow & Ball  

Farrow & Ball’s new 2011 colours

Lovely.  See them here.

a white bathroom and a bold print

I know.  Another white room?  But with a Josef Frank textile as a shower curtain.  I think it's entirely perfect, although maybe not entirely practical.  I'm suspicious of white tile floors.  They show every spec of dirt.  But the owners of this house in Bel Air probably have a housekeeper to clean the bathrooms everyday.  […]

Kheri’s room

I have my parents to thank for taking the trip to Ikea with me, my dad for putting together 3 bookcases and hanging the shades and Annisia for coming in March to have tea and help me put the room together.  Carl was working 80 hour weeks leading up to Kheri's arrival…tax season…so I was […]

colors : jcrew

When I envision what our house will look like once we are done rejuvenating it, say in 5 years…ok, maybe 10…I always think about it relative to its simple Cape Cod form on the outside and how I can invoke a casual, beachy and classic feel to the inside.  I have long looked to the […]

chalkboard door of my very own

I forgot to show you this!  After my mini-obsession with chalkboard paint, I finally used it at our house on the closet door in my studio.   I doubt I will ever actually draw or write on the door with chalk.  I just love the matte blackness of it! I am planning on painting the […]

lovely wall covering

  by flickr member linsmika.

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