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myperfectcolor : the blog

I have mentioned Myperfectcolor before when I was looking for that perfect Martha Stewart green that my friend used in her kitchen.  They are a New Jersery based retailer that matches colors from every paint company and can even make colors that are discontinued like that perfect green. They have been blogging since January and […]

a new blog :: Dear Cottage Living

"Great curb appeal is not about the size or style of your home, but making the most of what you already have." Have any questions about or need help with suggestions on your home’s curb appeal?  Write to architect Hoyte Johnson and Cottage Living editor Rex Perry at the new blog at Cottage Living.  Or […]

renovate! :: the new series

The short version about the new series: I want to gather and show you inspiring exterior and whole house renovation projects.  Is it that simple?  Not exactly, but that is where I am going to start and I will go from there. The first in the series is one of my favorites and is a […]

sparkle-ly windows : a facial for your house?

The windows at my day job (two sides of a 3-story Victorian twin) were cleaned today, inside and out, storm windows and sashes.  I could see the classical white columns of the Presbyterian church across the street very clearly now that the film of grime and dirt had been wiped away and I enjoyed the […]

I feel fall coming on…

some autumn yard and garden clean-up and possibly a Sunday d.i.y. project.  Today was the first day here in the Philly area that I had to wear a jacket and it was the perfect cool and breezy morning for a cappuccino and pumpkin scone on the way to work…a wonderful friday treat. photo by gangakinarewala […]

classes for the clueless decorator…

or anyone looking for some new tips. I received two emails this week about national chain stores offering classes at local shops.  Via Smith & Hawken, Cottage Living is offering a class on Saturday, August 18th on Aging Your Garden: Easy Ways to Add Patina to Containers, Furniture and More. Call your local Smith & […]

It’s Friday :: time to sit on the porch and watch the world go by

Probably not this weekend for us and we also don’t have a porch.  But I’ve been collecting images of porches, both open and screened-in, and thought I would share them.  There is a screened-in porch on our new-to-us house and I’m collecting ideas for what to do with it.  I’m thinking of white-washing the inside […]

::good book:: The Simple Home: The Luxury of Enough

The Simple Home: The Luxury of Enough by Sarah Nettleton I definitely crave a more simple lifestyle and I love that someone has finally written an entire book on how our homes can either foster or work against the type of lifestyle that we are trying to achieve.  In a time where we can go […]

the weekend AND plan & organize your garden with a garden Keeper

w e e k e n d  = dining with friends and family studying container gardening eating breakfast out watching the race more studying simple baking slowed cooked pork on the grill   o r g a n i z e  t h e  g a r d e n You didn’t hear it here […]

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