making space for the good

I just LOVED this article written by the amazingly brilliant Danielle LaPorte on The Huffington Post. How to Make Space for Quality to Show Up in Your Life “Letting go makes way for something closer to your truth… which is always more beautiful. Always.” I truly believe this because I’ve seen it happen in my […]

welcome february (and my 3rd love)

I love the snow.  I really do.  But I am done with winter.  So. Done.  Thanks Bethany for the cute wallpaper! And my 3rd love, that would be my Kindle.  I somehow can never read one book at a time and having a Kindle just exacerbates that 'problem', but I love it.  I especially enjoy […]

thirsty : Pokal tumblers

We have a these glasses and as they have broken I haven't been replacing them.  They have these giant 'dimples' on the bottom that collect a ridiculous amount of water in the dishwasher and I have been on the hunt for new tumblers (w/o dimples).  I love these from Ikea and how much more affordable […]

The Green Garmento

We used to frequent the drycleaners quite a bit especially for the boy's work shirts.  Now that I am not working full-time outside of the home and the boy has since switched to wash-and-wear suit shirts we make less trips to the cleaners and environmentally I think it's proabably best.  I still have my work […]

spending hiatus #2

Starting today I am on Spending Hiatus #2.  This time around I am not following anyone like I did last time. I am trying it out on my own.  We will see how that works.  If any of you did not participate last time and want to  this time feel free to do so and […]

spring cleaning

Does anyone really do spring cleaning anymore?  It was more of a necessity back in the day when fireplaces were the main source of heat during the winter and the rugs and drapes needed to have the soot shaken out.  But spring is still the most popular time to do a deep-clean around the house, […]

decluttering magazines

For a long time I have been a magazine junkie.  It all started with Seventeen and it was down hill from there.  Until recently I had baskets of partially or unread mags strewn about the house.  Over the holidays I went through most of them and they went out with the recycling last week.  I have also started […]

the spending hiatus : 2 week update

I'm a little tardy due to being a little under the weather but here goes. Things I (we) bought: contact lenses, groceries, chinese takeout on Friday (limited to eating dinner out once per week), I had lunch with a friend on Sunday so that was a non-essential, although spending quality time with friends is essential, […]

decluttering furniture

I finally bought a couch for our living room.  I have had this couch on my list for awhile and just needed time to think about it and also wait for our budget and the department store sale to converge.  We haven’t received it yet as it is on backorder.  Waiting doesn’t bother me that […]

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