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wire organizer

I get a lot of questions on flickr about the wall-hung wire organizer I have in my office. It came from the 'old' days of Martha By Mail. I always refer everyone to this Good Thing from the August 08 issue of MSL.  It is a really simple DIY project that is soo sweet. I […]

more photo galleries

simple clip frames black and white art postcards… I also love this photo for a thousand other reasons.  The wall color, the floor, the table, the chairs… The great thing about all of these is that they are relatively inexpensive (or even free depending on what you already have on hand) to execute. credit: Living […]


For Christmas, I got this very cool vintage red clock from my brother, the same brother that got me this very cool radio.  Anyway, I saw this picture below from Domino and thought it was a nice idea.  Sometime I'll show you my red clock.

Revisions Design Studio : porcelain egg votive candles

These are just gorgeous and made from 100% US grown soy wax (which burns clean and clear).  The egg shells are porcelain and can be reused once the candles burn away.   from the Revisions Design Studio etsy shop. I had gotten away from using candles around the house.  I feel a revival coming on!  […]

I just love a good wall calendar

Miriam Bereson's Yearly Planner     click on the image on the right to view larger. via sweet fine day

decluttering magazines

For a long time I have been a magazine junkie.  It all started with Seventeen and it was down hill from there.  Until recently I had baskets of partially or unread mags strewn about the house.  Over the holidays I went through most of them and they went out with the recycling last week.  I have also started […]

chalkboard door of my very own

I forgot to show you this!  After my mini-obsession with chalkboard paint, I finally used it at our house on the closet door in my studio.   I doubt I will ever actually draw or write on the door with chalk.  I just love the matte blackness of it! I am planning on painting the […]

something a little different for Valentine’s Day?

a gift that keeps on giving, at least until you want to take it down.   Wonderful Graffiti: Everything is 25% off before 1/31 and they are offering free shipping for Valentine's Day.

photo wall inspiration

I am continually inspired by how others display their photos and art. from my clip file… (via Elle Decor)  

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