dad project no. 2

We have one large wall in our 'TV room'.  I didn't want to hang artwork or pictures on it but wanted something to hang there to break up the wall and possibly reflect the light from the windows on the opposite wall.  I looked around at mirrors but I never found anything I liked (or […]

The Green Garmento

We used to frequent the drycleaners quite a bit especially for the boy's work shirts.  Now that I am not working full-time outside of the home and the boy has since switched to wash-and-wear suit shirts we make less trips to the cleaners and environmentally I think it's proabably best.  I still have my work […]

farmgirlz and the weekend

Have you seen The Hip Homemaker's chicks?  How about Beegirl's bees?  And dig this chick, she's collecting rain water. I have no plans for the weekend.  None.  And I am not sure how to deal with this.  Seriously.  I started making a list and got as far as "get a pedicure'.  It is not like […]

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