eazy bean

Love this.  It brings me back.   eazy bean modern bean bag chair

All There Is to Be (is Green)

All There Is to Be The convenient truth: taking better charge of what we already have By Dwight Young | From Preservation | January/February 2008  These days, with everybody talking about "greening,"It's obvious that what used to be just the name of a pretty color has taken on a whole new meaning.No matter how you feel about […]

ink & peat home + floral

If you live in Portland (the one on the west coast) you are a lucky duck this weekend.   housemartin ink & peat

architectural salvage i.e. glamorous trash picking

My dad is the world's best trash picker.  Besides my Hot Wheels tricycle, my first three bikes came from the trash.  If I need to find something for a project at home, like window sashes or old shutters he will get them for me.  He must have perfect 180 degree periferal vision when he drives.  […]

myperfectcolor : the blog

I have mentioned Myperfectcolor before when I was looking for that perfect Martha Stewart green that my friend used in her kitchen.  They are a New Jersery based retailer that matches colors from every paint company and can even make colors that are discontinued like that perfect green. They have been blogging since January and […]

duty and the earth : roadmaps : spring cleaning

I did my civic duty today, or did I just exercise a right?  Either way I voted.  Honestly, I did it purely because I have the right to do so and think of all the oppressed people in the world still who would like to also have that right.  When I think of our government […]

still waiting for spring over here

Today in West Chester, PA it’s been 60 degress, with torrential down pours, then sunny (with a rainbow), then we had some hail, snow flurries, 50 mph wind gusts and now it’s heading down into the 20’s tonight.  Quite a full day.  Where is spring? For some reason this year more than most I am […]

all this talk about ‘green’ makes my eyes glaze over

So I was glad to read this article (via materialicious) in the Washington Post entitle "Greed in the Name of Green". Quoted from the article "Really going green, Hawken says, "means having less. It does mean less. Everyone is saying, ‘You don’t have to change your lifestyle.’ Well, yes, actually, you do." Our consumerism and […]

sparkle-ly windows : a facial for your house?

The windows at my day job (two sides of a 3-story Victorian twin) were cleaned today, inside and out, storm windows and sashes.  I could see the classical white columns of the Presbyterian church across the street very clearly now that the film of grime and dirt had been wiped away and I enjoyed the […]

a way to get less junk mail

reduce the number of catalogs you receive: or out of those annoying pre-approval letters: via Design Milk Both good for the environment, less paper wasted, less paper to be recycled, but also good for you.  Think about how much time and energy you spend each week going through junkmail.  I try to […]

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