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making space for the good

I just LOVED this article written by the amazingly brilliant Danielle LaPorte on The Huffington Post. How to Make Space for Quality to Show Up in Your Life “Letting go makes way for something closer to your truth… which is always more beautiful. Always.” I truly believe this because I’ve seen it happen in my […]


I feel blessed to live in a nice, dense, walkable town and then drive 5 minutes out into the country to see beautiful things like this.  Obviously the picture does no justice to the real thing.  We were on our way back from dinner Saturday night and turned around twice to take pictures of the […]

spending hiatus #2

Starting today I am on Spending Hiatus #2.  This time around I am not following anyone like I did last time. I am trying it out on my own.  We will see how that works.  If any of you did not participate last time and want to  this time feel free to do so and […]

flying by

Things fly by so quickly sometimes.  I feel like I have missed an entire week or month.  There is no doubt that I frequently have too much on my plate and that makes me feel like I can't keep up.  Most of the time I can find some clarity in life and realize that I […]

New Reality 2009 by Apartment Therapy

In case some of you don't subscribe to the Apartment Therapy newsletter, today's was great.  Here's a snippet and the link for the full letter is below.  It is worth reading.  Within the newsletter there is also a link to a NYT article that is also very interesting. "As our economy "de-leverages" and the illusory […]

50 Nifty Tricks for Big DIY Savings (around the house)

Article Print | Planning and Ideas | This Old House Posted using ShareThis

Crafting: A Silver Lining in a Tough Economy – Business Gift Giving – Entrepreneur.com

Crafting: A Silver Lining in a Tough Economy – Business Gift Giving – Entrepreneur.com Posted using ShareThis


waking up to the smell of coffee and a wood fire a little bit of snow (followed by lots more tonight!) making soup with homemade venison sausage and fresh thyme. some other things too like catching up on magazines and the Sunday paper, a run to the grocery store, a tumble off the spending-hiatus wagon […]

the spending hiatus : 2 week update

I'm a little tardy due to being a little under the weather but here goes. Things I (we) bought: contact lenses, groceries, chinese takeout on Friday (limited to eating dinner out once per week), I had lunch with a friend on Sunday so that was a non-essential, although spending quality time with friends is essential, […]

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