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All There Is to Be (is Green)

All There Is to Be The convenient truth: taking better charge of what we already have By Dwight Young | From Preservation | January/February 2008  These days, with everybody talking about "greening,"It's obvious that what used to be just the name of a pretty color has taken on a whole new meaning.No matter how you feel about […]

live with what you love.

and get rid of the rest. …my goal for this year and the rest of my life.  So simple, but not so easy. Via Country Home magazine which sadly is ending.

hello there.

Has it really been almost two weeks?  Would someone please tell me where the time goes?  I have been using up most of my energy these days at work.  I have never been so busy and it comes at the worst time of the year, during the holidays.  It is a wonder that I had the presence of […]

something to share: hope and say something nice

My desk has a window that faces the street and across the street is the 6th Precinct of West Chester's polling location at the First Presbyterian Church.  All day I have been watching the line of voters grow and shrink, grow and shrink.  And there's a bit of excitement or anticipation around the office and […]

autumn and getting caught up

It's been a pretty quiet day here, except for the occasional leaf blower.  I finally got some more painting done.  Just a bit of trim and the chalkboard door.  In the last 2 weeks I have seen my husband for a total of 3 days.  These weekends 'to myself' are getting a bit old.  My dad had surgery […]

making room and bittersweetness

We met this amazing little guy this past weekend.   I showed you the apartment of these dear friends of ours here.  Wherever they live, they really know how to make a home for themselves.  And the wonderful (500 square foot) home they have made for 6-week old Beckett is even more amazing. A lot of people […]

Apartment Therapy Fall Home Cure

I have been wanting to say something about what has been happening with the financial markets but just haven't had my head together enough to put anything down on paper (or on the screen).  But I received a great email from AT today and Maxwell said what I have been feeling and probably said it more eloquently […]

silver linings

Read Brene Brown's post about her experiences with good bad ole' Ike. "Silver Lining: Doing one thing at a time rocks. Going slow is wonderful. Saying no makes my heart sing."

happy comes from inside

I think happy living at home means building our homes as a reflection of who we are rather then letting our homes and everything that is in them define us.  Do we not let enough stuff around us define us already?  Why add our homes to the mix?  A friend mentioned to me about not letting a person in […]

bumps and lumps

In the spring I went to my mid-wife for my 'well woman' check-up.  There was a bump in my breast.  I call it a bump because the word 'lump' just sounds too gloomy and doomy.  I had an ultrasound done what seemed like several weeks later and an appointment with a surgical breast specialist.  No […]

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