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[IN]PLACE System

I like trying to find ways to be more organized and efficient.  But I can also be easily sucked into a new system and a new set of products.  I will keep the system going for awhile but then usually find that it just doesn't work for me and it falls to the way side […]

almost here

The lilac bush that the boy ripped out (he was supposed to rip out a different bush) is growing again.  I hope it's a good year for a comeback. I went 'shopping' in my closet and got out these handmade quilted placemats that the boy's aunt and godmother made for us for our wedding shower.  […]

I just love a good wall calendar

Miriam Bereson's Yearly Planner     click on the image on the right to view larger. via sweet fine day

chalkboard door of my very own

I forgot to show you this!  After my mini-obsession with chalkboard paint, I finally used it at our house on the closet door in my studio.   I doubt I will ever actually draw or write on the door with chalk.  I just love the matte blackness of it! I am planning on painting the […]

vipp : yellow cab line

Love these trash cans and storage pieces.   via danskdesign.nu

lovely wall covering

  by flickr member linsmika.

myperfectcolor : the blog

I have mentioned Myperfectcolor before when I was looking for that perfect Martha Stewart green that my friend used in her kitchen.  They are a New Jersery based retailer that matches colors from every paint company and can even make colors that are discontinued like that perfect green. They have been blogging since January and […]

fun filing?

I love these new cheeky file folders from Knock Knock. A great way to keep a sense of humor at work!  or even at home.

it’s that time of year again :: Stendig & Pentagram Calendars

School’s back in, everyone’s talking about fall fashion and some leaves are already falling off the trees here in West Chester.  But this time of year is my favorite because Ken Knight gets their shipment of Stendig and Pentagram 08 calendars in and up on their website.  I’ve been a devotee of the Pentagram in […]

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