hi November (or Govember)

hi November (or Govember)

A trip out west, election day and a sick girl. I always know who she is missing more by who she asks for in the morning. Today, it was Dad. Trying to catch up this week.  Making long lists.

365 and one of those days

I decided to try a 365 project this year (take one photo each day).  So far so good, except that the last time I uploaded my photos (the first four) I 'lost' them (and all my drives are now different letters???).  So it's more of a 360 project.  #5 is here. Today's been one of […]

happy new year (belated)

I think that was a long enough break.  And I took an extra couple of days this week to handle some things that I was procrastinating about. We had an extra sweet holiday and New Year.  How about you? at the Brandywine Conservancy

a visit to terrain

with my assistant.  It was her first time and I think she loves it as much as I do. They had the sweetest tree trimming decorations.  This was my favorite. If you go to their homepage, they are offering 20% off and 3 day delivery.

Kheri’s room

I have my parents to thank for taking the trip to Ikea with me, my dad for putting together 3 bookcases and hanging the shades and Annisia for coming in March to have tea and help me put the room together.  Carl was working 80 hour weeks leading up to Kheri's arrival…tax season…so I was […]

hello friends – meet my new assistant

Since my last post back in October (I can't believe that much time has passed!) we welcomed this sweet little creature into our lives.  Kherington Paige was born right on time on April 15th at 12:06 AM.  Apparently we were the talk of the hospital that day…the baby born to the accountant on Tax Day. […]

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