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hi November (or Govember)

hi November (or Govember)

A trip out west, election day and a sick girl. I always know who she is missing more by who she asks for in the morning. Today, it was Dad. Trying to catch up this week.  Making long lists.


I feel blessed to live in a nice, dense, walkable town and then drive 5 minutes out into the country to see beautiful things like this.  Obviously the picture does no justice to the real thing.  We were on our way back from dinner Saturday night and turned around twice to take pictures of the […]

farmgirlz and the weekend

Have you seen The Hip Homemaker's chicks?  How about Beegirl's bees?  And dig this chick, she's collecting rain water. I have no plans for the weekend.  None.  And I am not sure how to deal with this.  Seriously.  I started making a list and got as far as "get a pedicure'.  It is not like […]

flying by

Things fly by so quickly sometimes.  I feel like I have missed an entire week or month.  There is no doubt that I frequently have too much on my plate and that makes me feel like I can't keep up.  Most of the time I can find some clarity in life and realize that I […]

Art Star Craft Bazaar #1

Despite the rain, the horrible thunderstorms they were calling for and the rumors about tornados, my friend and I took the El down to Penn's Landing yesterday for the 5th annual Art Star Craft Bazaar.  And despite the weather, it was amazing.  More wonderful artists this year, beautiful work.  I only wish I could have gone […]

the weekend

: manual labor (we finally got the rest of the bamboo floor put down) – see the before pic here. : alfresco meals (in between Indy & Nascar) : coffee drinking and magazine reading (and a few small gardening projects) : and taking time to remember why we observe Memorial Day

Art Star Craft Bazaar

This has become my favorite Philly event.  I can't wait!     Saturday, May 31st from 11 to 7 Sunday, June 1st from 11 to 5 @ Penn's Landing Great Plaza   Go to Art Star Craft Bazaar website for more info.   Illustration by Julie West

still waiting for spring over here

Today in West Chester, PA it’s been 60 degress, with torrential down pours, then sunny (with a rainbow), then we had some hail, snow flurries, 50 mph wind gusts and now it’s heading down into the 20’s tonight.  Quite a full day.  Where is spring? For some reason this year more than most I am […]

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