Amy Ruppel at Schoolhouse Electric

I'd love to have this for Kheri's room. Amy Ruppel light fixture for Schoolhouse Electric

looking for :: bedside table lamps

I was inspired by this lamp (via housemartin)… and really love these hand blow glass lamps from Ochre… but found these which are more in my budget range. Amber glass table lamp for $93.99 White glass table lamp for $53.99 I really like finding comparable items for much less money, don’t you? 

be kind to your neighbors and the night sky :: Starry Night Lights

Here in Chester County (halfway btw Philly and Lancaster) subdivisions and lifestyle centers dot (or have totally taken over) what was once rural farmland and Civil War battlefields.  Traveling by car from less to more developed areas you can sometimes see what I call a ‘dome’ of light or glow over these communities and centers.  […]

my new favorite snail mail catalog :: at west end

Maybe I have have been living under a rock.  But before the at west end catalog arrived over the weekend, I had never heard of them.  Their address is from Mississippi.  Anyone there know of them?  Probably the slowest I’ve browsed through a catalog in a long time…move over anthropologie.  I was also pleasantly surprised […]

utility is beautiful : plus more lighting from Schoolhouse Electric

I try not repeat myself, but I got the new Schoolhouse Electric catalog in the mail yesterday and just had to share it, since quite a few of the fixtures are not on their website yet.  Although in the ‘design for all’ world that we live in we are more aware of it, I think […]

lighting favorites: Schoolhouse Electric and Rejuvenation

The theme for today is lighting since I feel like I have seen the Northeast sun today for the first time in ages and feel like I am coming out of a dark cave that the past couple of days have felt like.  I thought I would pass on two of my favorite lighting suppliers. […]

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