live large, but in a small space

our homes, like a dwarf bonsai?

I can’t remember where I first read about bonsai trees but I’ve heard that bonsai trees will grow to fit whatever container you fit them in.  A dwarf bonsai is just that because of it’s growth in a small container and having it’s root pruned.  If you don’t prune a bonsai’s roots, "the tree roots […]

Spring: time to donate, sell or swap

I had some extra time at home today and thought it was a great opportunity to do some Spring closet cleaning and get some donations ready to go.  Even though it’s 30 degrees and ice is falling from the sky where I am, next week is the official start of Spring and I feel motivated […]

a peek into the happy living “Headquarters”

My 9×10 haven: It is a work in progress and no where near finished.  My next piece: a cheap and functional, yet stylish project table. I find inspiration in these: The top middle photo is from Elle Decor, I believe, and is Thomas O’Brien’s home office/studio.  The rest are from Pottery Barn.

makeover lesson #3 TOSS IT!

from the 02.2007 issue of House Beautiful.  Contributor Frances Schultz interviews Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan (I love his name BTW), the NY Editor and Co-Founder of my current addiction, Apartment Therapy, about his book Apartment Therapy – The Eight Step Home Cure. FS: The book leads you step-by-step through the process of healing your own home. MG-R: […]

Inspired House

I am a total magazine junkie, but am an avid recycler, so once a new issue comes in, I purge the old one only tearing out the articles or pictures that inspire me. Except for Inspired House from Taunton Press.  I have all of the 15 issues and have no intention of sending them to […]

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