organize this #@*&


We covered the base of our Christmas tree in burlap (I purchased a roll of it from Terrain) and now I have a thing for burlap.  It's so utilitarian – like those old grain sacks – yet so pretty used in a new way.  I stumbled upon these burlap buckets.  These would be great all […]

[IN]PLACE System

I like trying to find ways to be more organized and efficient.  But I can also be easily sucked into a new system and a new set of products.  I will keep the system going for awhile but then usually find that it just doesn't work for me and it falls to the way side […]

spending hiatus #2

Starting today I am on Spending Hiatus #2.  This time around I am not following anyone like I did last time. I am trying it out on my own.  We will see how that works.  If any of you did not participate last time and want to  this time feel free to do so and […]

spring cleaning

Does anyone really do spring cleaning anymore?  It was more of a necessity back in the day when fireplaces were the main source of heat during the winter and the rugs and drapes needed to have the soot shaken out.  But spring is still the most popular time to do a deep-clean around the house, […]

I just love a good wall calendar

Miriam Bereson's Yearly Planner     click on the image on the right to view larger. via sweet fine day

still waiting for spring over here

Today in West Chester, PA it’s been 60 degress, with torrential down pours, then sunny (with a rainbow), then we had some hail, snow flurries, 50 mph wind gusts and now it’s heading down into the 20’s tonight.  Quite a full day.  Where is spring? For some reason this year more than most I am […]

fun filing?

I love these new cheeky file folders from Knock Knock. A great way to keep a sense of humor at work!  or even at home.

photo display

I love this anti-matchy-matchy photo display from Pottery Barn.  Great inspiration!

one last post before 08

I’m so excited about my iHome dock that the boy got me for Christmas this year.  It will allow me to have music anywhere I want to be in the house with just one plug.  I have missed that since our only other stereo is tucked away in our living/tv room in the front of […]

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