organize this #@*&

should my 200th post be something really profound…

…or should I just show you my closet that I am about to purge? What I really miss about our other house are the closets.  We installed closet organizers in all the closets and it really helped maximize the space we had much better.  I am using this one closet you see above.  The boy […]

matchbook photo albums

I love these new matchbook photo albums from Kolo.  What a great gift they would make either empty or filled with photos of grandkids, friends…I guess they could also be used to organize photos into separate events, but you would probably need A LOT of them for something like a wedding.  I think they will […]

printable planners

Thanks to my mom, I am by nature a planner, for everything.  So yesterday I downloaded Martha Stewart’s Ultimate Thanksgiving Planner in preparation for hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year.  In my search, I came across a page where you can access all the planners that MSL has published!  Planner heaven, I tell you. My other […]

it’s that time of year again :: Stendig & Pentagram Calendars

School’s back in, everyone’s talking about fall fashion and some leaves are already falling off the trees here in West Chester.  But this time of year is my favorite because Ken Knight gets their shipment of Stendig and Pentagram 08 calendars in and up on their website.  I’ve been a devotee of the Pentagram in […]

fabric box storage collections

So versatile, so pretty and so organized…for every room of a home.  I kick myself every time I think of how I passed up all those marked-down boxes that Hold Everything was selling off when they closed up shop.  But I have three favorite go-to online shops to buy beautiful fabric covered storage pieces. Not […]

classes for the clueless decorator…

or anyone looking for some new tips. I received two emails this week about national chain stores offering classes at local shops.  Via Smith & Hawken, Cottage Living is offering a class on Saturday, August 18th on Aging Your Garden: Easy Ways to Add Patina to Containers, Furniture and More. Call your local Smith & […]

a mini project instead of packing my office

I had to take down my inspiration board (starting to pack for moving) and got a little sad, so I decided to spice up my decoration/house binders (i.e. procrastinate).  I routinely tear out hive modern magazine ads (usually I find them in Metropolis) because they are so beautiful, yummy and inspirational.  But I could never […]

more *moving* resources

Relative to hiring movers to move you and your stuff, it seems to me that the consensus is to get REFERRALS from friends and family and anyone else that you trust.  I have heard that most of the people dissatisfied with their movers found them online.  Luckily, I know a number of people who have […]

weekend & jersey city apartment tour

We went to the Yankees game on Saturday. And then we spent the rest of the weekend with friends in Jersey City.  As promised, here’s a mini tour of Annisia and James‘ great apartment.  You can see the full size photos and tour here. 

living with books

You know, even though it’s like 90 balmy degrees here in Philly, it is still Spring!  It better be, since I haven’t washed a single window screen at our house yet (a fun yearly Spring task).  Anyway, since it’s still Spring, that means there is still time before the Summer Solstice (6/21) to tackle some […]

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