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a 10-minute project over the weekend

Everyone has those annoying cabinets over the refrigerator.  Mine was getting to me.  It was empty.  And there was a bunch of junk on top of the refrigerator in front of the annoying cabinet.  So I cleared off the refrigerator, took the doors off of the cabinet and put my cook books up there.  The […]

decluttering furniture

I finally bought a couch for our living room.  I have had this couch on my list for awhile and just needed time to think about it and also wait for our budget and the department store sale to converge.  We haven’t received it yet as it is on backorder.  Waiting doesn’t bother me that […]

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and IKEA Docksta table

Never thought you’d see those words all together.  I inherited a Docksta table from my very cool brother and it needed a bit of cleaning up.  I picked up a couple of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and wholla! the table is like new again.  This may not be a light bulb moment to the rest […]

billy buttons

I can’t remember when I first saw Billy Buttons.  It may have been on a family trip to Arizona.  In addition to Tulips and Ranunculus, Billy Buttons are another of my all-time favorite flowers, dried and fresh.  Sometimes called Billy Balls or Woollyheads and by their proper name Craspedia, their appeal to me is obviously […]


You would never know by the picture that my home office in under attack by carpenter ants.  We had our trusty exterminator come out to the house today to assess the situation.  Our neighbors have had a couple of trees cut down very close to our property so it could have disturbed the colony(ies), but […]

house guests

We are getting ready for weekend house guests. We live in a 3 bedroom house but right now the boy and I have the two extra bedrooms taken over by office functions so we do not have a formal guest room.  This works fine for us since, with the exception of my SIL, our family […]

some things I learned about hanging window treatments

First, collect all your tools before you begin that way you don’t have to run up and down two flights of stairs multiple times.  Second, don’t assume that the shade manufacturer has provided all the necessary hardware required to properly hang your shade. I decided to hang the shades tight up to the ceiling.  Our […]

around here

The house is decorated for the most part.  I went with a more minimal approach this year instead of decking out the entire house.  I love what I call our vintage tree.  It’s actually a tinsel tree I got at BJ’s last year decorated with vintage glass ornaments my grandmother gave me and Pier 1 […]


I can’t believe eight days have gone by since I last posted.  I have been pretty busy at work the last several weeks and believe it or not I do a lot of my blog thinking and composing during my lunch hour and have not had that time lately.  And the last week or so […]

finding the perfect shade of green

My friends Annisia and James have their kitchen (previously featured here) painted in a wonderful shade of green so I asked her for the paint manufacturer and color name.  Martha Stewart for Kmart E29 Euphorbia, discontinued.  Grr. So I did a search on Google, of course, and was given a link on the sidebar to […]

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