to d.i.y. or not to d.i.y.

burning the candle(s)

Burning the candle(s) at both ends.  That's me lately.  It's the only way to describe it and it has me totally out of sorts, scattered, down and losing sleep (and blogging at 12 midnight).  I do too much.  I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of you do too much too.  I have to […]

renovate-decorate budget worksheets

This file for me is a work in progress really, but I feel like I have finally got it to a point where it might be useful for you.  It is actually really simple and does not provide you with anything that a scratch piece of paper and a calculator could not do.  I personally […]

50 Nifty Tricks for Big DIY Savings (around the house)

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chalkboard door of my very own

I forgot to show you this!  After my mini-obsession with chalkboard paint, I finally used it at our house on the closet door in my studio.   I doubt I will ever actually draw or write on the door with chalk.  I just love the matte blackness of it! I am planning on painting the […]

canning the housecleaner

I did something crazy a few weeks ago.  I let my housecleaner go.  He was great.  No complaints there.  But I had been thinking about it for awhile and just decided to go ahead and do it.  It was really a bit of luxury for us and great while it lasted.  Originally he came every two […]

the weekend

: manual labor (we finally got the rest of the bamboo floor put down) – see the before pic here. : alfresco meals (in between Indy & Nascar) : coffee drinking and magazine reading (and a few small gardening projects) : and taking time to remember why we observe Memorial Day

photo display

I love this anti-matchy-matchy photo display from Pottery Barn.  Great inspiration!

sparkle-ly windows : a facial for your house?

The windows at my day job (two sides of a 3-story Victorian twin) were cleaned today, inside and out, storm windows and sashes.  I could see the classical white columns of the Presbyterian church across the street very clearly now that the film of grime and dirt had been wiped away and I enjoyed the […]

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