to d.i.y. or not to d.i.y.

chair update

before after supplies :: cordless screwdriver to remove the seat and back from the chair frame, flathead screwdriver and/or pliers to remove the upholstery staples and old fabric, Amy Butler fabric from, fusible batting from (since the fabric I bought is not upholstery fabric, the fusible batting gives it a bit more strength) […]

I feel fall coming on…

some autumn yard and garden clean-up and possibly a Sunday d.i.y. project.  Today was the first day here in the Philly area that I had to wear a jacket and it was the perfect cool and breezy morning for a cappuccino and pumpkin scone on the way to work…a wonderful friday treat. photo by gangakinarewala […]

classes for the clueless decorator…

or anyone looking for some new tips. I received two emails this week about national chain stores offering classes at local shops.  Via Smith & Hawken, Cottage Living is offering a class on Saturday, August 18th on Aging Your Garden: Easy Ways to Add Patina to Containers, Furniture and More. Call your local Smith & […]

the weekend AND plan & organize your garden with a garden Keeper

w e e k e n d  = dining with friends and family studying container gardening eating breakfast out watching the race more studying simple baking slowed cooked pork on the grill   o r g a n i z e  t h e  g a r d e n You didn’t hear it here […]

painting & paint colors

We’ve painted and installed hardwood floors in two of our upstairs rooms, but the rest of the house is in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint.  Finding the time to tackle the projects is difficult enough.  And although I can pick colors for other people in a flash and feel confident about them, […]

carving out more closet space

It’s rare that anyone feels they have enough closet space.  Most of the time, no matter how much one has, our stuff expands to fill what we have.  But especially in older houses and apartment buildings, sometimes bedrooms have either a 12" deep by 36" wide closet enough to hang 4 dresses or no closet […]

inspiration boards

I've come to the not-so-profound conclusion that everyone should have an inspiration board at home (and work too!).  As I set up my home office, that was one of my big to-do's: to get a tack board not for any practical purpose, just to hang random things up.  And I as find bits and pieces […]

a great way to add value to your home

Buy a can of paint.  You’ll get an average of 500% of value back from just painting your home.  Say you paint the interior of your house yourself.  An 8 room house x 2 cans of paint per room equals 16 cans at $25.00 each equals $400.  At a rate of 500% return on your […]

fabric panel headboard

This month I put Blueprint magazine on the publication pedestal.  My favorite feature was the Small Space Makeover for Editor-in-Chief Sarah Humphreys.  I had a light-bulb moment relative to the headboard they made for Sarah which was just fabric hung on a wooden dowel since space was at an ultimate premium in her apartment. (photos […]

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