plan now! for a home (or work) renovation project in 2013

With the holiday season upon us, no one really wants to think about 2013 yet.  But if you are thinking about about a project in the new year to refresh your space (renovation, addition, redecorating, etc.) the earlier you start planning the better. *If you spend some time getting clear on your goals and your […]

dansko : is it spring yet?

So I can buy and wear these shoes. from Dansko's new Sanibel Collection, called Volley They are vegan. as see in Whole Living buy here (Philly people) Did you know?  Dansko's Office and Retail Center is in West Grove, PA.  It was designed by a firm I used to work for.

dare to dream : Grateful: Day 10

I've lived in homes, apartments, dormitories.  Sometimes owned, sometimes rented.  On occasion, beautifully appointed.  Some of the memories are happy, some not.  The details change. But one thing has not. Every day of my life, I have shelter. via daretodream.typepad.com

American Modern By Thomas OBrien

I've already looked at this book from cover to cover a half dozen times.  I am about to dive in again.  Thomas O'Brien is brilliant. American Modern By Thomas O'Brien with Lisa Light; Photographs by Laura Resen

hiatus part two

  Can you believe it's autumn (at least here in the northern hemisphere)?  Where does the time go?  I hope for any of you that still have this blog in your feed and get to read this that you are doing well.  I just wanted to come out of hiding for a moment to say […]


The last few months have been a big long roller coaster and to say it has left my brain a bit hazy would be an understatement.  I have decided to take a hiatus from the blog and from some other things as well.  My priorities have shifted immensely and I am making some adjustments.  This […]


I have no other way to describe the weather here on the north part of the east coast for the last few weeks.  It just totally sucks.  I am going into an early summer depression (instead of a late winter one) probably from the lack of sunlight and all the rain.  I could really use […]

the purl bee : house tour

I was clicking around in my bookmarks and I came across the Bluelines blog (sniff) from the now closed Bluelines magazine (sniff, sniff).  They still have a few house tours on the Martha Stewart site that were featured in the magazine.  My all-time favorite was the tour of Joelle Hoverson's Brooklyn apartment (purl and purl […]


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