unexcused absence

Hey There.  No, I haven't given up blogging.  I am just on an unplanned mini-break.  Here's the deal:We started trying for a baby in January.  By the end of March I was pregnant.  And nauseous.  And exhausted.  That was the reason for mini-break #1.  Two Sundays ago I had a miscarriage at 9 weeks.  That […]

so behind.

be back soon with my last spending hiatus update and some other stuff.

the spending hiatus : week 10 update (and other stuff)

"Finding creative ways to buy things" is what this blog post title should be.  I bought two sweaters from Banana Republic this week, deeply discounted, and I offset the costs with a gift card and a few books that I recently sold on Amazon. I had a color epiphany after helping a client out at […]

the spending hiatus : week 9 update

Not much to report.  I did buy a book, but it is for a new business venture so I felt it was justified. I have so many things on my list to buy for the house that I don't know where to start.  It is hard to prioritize that stuff because no matter how I […]

the spending hiatus : week 8 update

I don't know what is more amazing 1. that two months has gone by since the spending hiatus started or 2. that it has been two months since I have done any boredom-, happiness-, sadness-, or inadequacy- induced shopping.  I am by no means giving myself a pat on the back.  I have a long […]

the spending hiatus : week 7 update

I bought two pairs of shoes on Sunday.  And you know what, I have no guilt or regret about it.  I realized that shopping can be satisfying when you are buying something you actually need, find something you love and get it at an amazing price.  And just in time for my new shoes, we […]

i love free clip art and templates…

…especially by Martha and after not visiting the site for quite awhile I was happy to see that all of the clip art and templates are now in one place.

the spending hiatus : week 6 update

I forget how many days they say it takes to make something a habit (or get out of a habit).  It is 21?  That seams to stick in my mind.  Here we are 42 days into it and I can honestly say I think each week it gets a bit easier.  A wrench could have […]

the spending hiatus : week 5 update

I got a deep-tissue massage on Saturday morning and as I commented on Joslyn's recent update, it was worth EVERY non-essential dollar.  I had to buy contact lenses and it has really been bothering me; I have been so restrained in my spending for the most part and when I have to spend ALL THAT […]

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