wee ones

not giving up

Lots of starts and stops here.  But still staying in the game.  I'm just spending a lot of time learning how to balance it all.  And loving every minute of it. Last week (7 months old) watching the front end loader take away our leaves I just love those stray curls on the top.

Kheri’s room

I have my parents to thank for taking the trip to Ikea with me, my dad for putting together 3 bookcases and hanging the shades and Annisia for coming in March to have tea and help me put the room together.  Carl was working 80 hour weeks leading up to Kheri's arrival…tax season…so I was […]

making room and bittersweetness

We met this amazing little guy this past weekend.   I showed you the apartment of these dear friends of ours here.  Wherever they live, they really know how to make a home for themselves.  And the wonderful (500 square foot) home they have made for 6-week old Beckett is even more amazing. A lot of people […]

mini moderns

I don’t post that much about kids and kid stuff, but I have an expecting bff and am absorbing lots of fun sites and links.  Keith from Absolute Zero Degrees emailed me back in the fall about mini moderns.  Today I just noticed some new to me wallpapers that I love.  On a personal note, […]

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