West Chester

happy new year (belated)

I think that was a long enough break.  And I took an extra couple of days this week to handle some things that I was procrastinating about. We had an extra sweet holiday and New Year.  How about you? at the Brandywine Conservancy


I feel blessed to live in a nice, dense, walkable town and then drive 5 minutes out into the country to see beautiful things like this.  Obviously the picture does no justice to the real thing.  We were on our way back from dinner Saturday night and turned around twice to take pictures of the […]

flying by

Things fly by so quickly sometimes.  I feel like I have missed an entire week or month.  There is no doubt that I frequently have too much on my plate and that makes me feel like I can't keep up.  Most of the time I can find some clarity in life and realize that I […]

updating the blog

Along with the new header, if you haven't already noticed, I have updated my non-exhaustive blog list and I added a new section that includes a list of some of my favorite places in West Chester and the vicinity.  Consider it a little encouragement for any of you visiting Philadelphia to come out west a […]

on my way home…

…last week. Those are the days that I am thankful that 1. I now get to walk home, 2. I own a tiny little camera that I can carry everywhere with me and 3. I am alive. I snapped the photos, but I take no credit for them.

Let’s just get this Valentine’s Day thing over with…

I am not against Valentine’s Day.  Actually, I use it to demand high-priced-but-worth-it chocolate truffles in assorted flavors from our local chocolatier.  And since every year the holidays come and go and I don’t get around to sending out Christmas or New Years cards I end up sending Valentine’s Day cards instead.  And growing up […]

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