where your garden grows

something I’ve always wanted :: a greenhouse window

I know I have this image clipped somewhere in my inspiration files from an issue of MS Living from a long time ago.  I have always wanted a greenhouse window in my kitchen.  They are great for windows with a bad view.  And plants added to any room introduce great layers of texture and color.  […]

the weekend AND plan & organize your garden with a garden Keeper

w e e k e n d  = dining with friends and family studying container gardening eating breakfast out watching the race more studying simple baking slowed cooked pork on the grill   o r g a n i z e  t h e  g a r d e n You didn’t hear it here […]

more indoor gardening

I saw these last night when I was at Walgreens.  They had both impatiens and a few different herbs. So cute for easter!  And a great little project for the kids too.They are 2 for $5 at Walgreens until March 31st.  In-store purchase only.

life in the great outdoors

When I look at the latest gardening and outdoor living catalogs I immediately think about the great times that we’ve spent out on our deck, just me and the boy and also with friends and family.  Last year I recall that we had a very hot and humid summer and didn’t actually get to sit […]

Summer at Ikea – furniture & accessories

If I haven’t said it a million times in the last two weeks, here it is again: I can’t wait until summer arrives!  And I just happened to be surfing the Ikea site during lunch today and came across their new Summer Brochure (that coincidentally arrived at our house today!) and am so excited to […]

time, snow in March & being alive

Time can be your enemy or your very best friend.  When Sunday arrives I wonder where the weekend has gone and frustratingly look at my to-do list which isn’t any shorter.  But sometimes I am clear-headed enough to stop worrying and take time to enjoy the day for what it is.  Although I hate chopping […]

buying local…is it green?

I think one of the easier ways to incorporate more green or conscientious habits into our lives is to buy local; easier say than trading in your car for a $30k hybrid. (photo above from Charlestown Cooperative Farm dot com) We’ve looked into joining a food co-op or community supported agricultural farm at one of […]

finally…my orchid

The first one got caught in last weeks ice pellet storm and was frozen in Indianapolis.  This one arrived perfect.

a little gardening in the snow

Since everything ‘green‘ is ‘in’ now, House & Garden magazine has a new(er) feature called Eco Chic | Easy on Nature.  In the November 2006 issue (I know, I am way behind on my mag reading) I was fixated on Sweetwater Nursery’s Ecoforms garden pots.  The all-natural pots are made from by-products of renewable and […]

flowers for a little happy living at work

A surprising day early, I received an over-sized (20) bouquet of tulips from my favorite O.M. (old man) for Valentine’s Day.  It came in a rectangular box in the perfect shade of celery green from ProFlowers.com.  Needless to say, it was the highlight of the day at the office.  I trimmed the stems (the buds […]

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