whistle while you work

[IN]PLACE System

I like trying to find ways to be more organized and efficient.  But I can also be easily sucked into a new system and a new set of products.  I will keep the system going for awhile but then usually find that it just doesn't work for me and it falls to the way side […]

last week & what I do from 9 to 5

Last week I got to take some photos of a couple of the projects we are working on in the office.  The first photo is my project.  The rest are photos I took of someone else's project.      

fabric box storage collections

So versatile, so pretty and so organized…for every room of a home.  I kick myself every time I think of how I passed up all those marked-down boxes that Hold Everything was selling off when they closed up shop.  But I have three favorite go-to online shops to buy beautiful fabric covered storage pieces. Not […]

classes for the clueless decorator…

or anyone looking for some new tips. I received two emails this week about national chain stores offering classes at local shops.  Via Smith & Hawken, Cottage Living is offering a class on Saturday, August 18th on Aging Your Garden: Easy Ways to Add Patina to Containers, Furniture and More. Call your local Smith & […]

philly biz ladies you better vote!

via Oh Joy! and Design*Sponge "For those women in Philly who currently have a small business or the desire to start one, vote for Philly at the Design*Sponge Biz Ladies poll. (Philly is currently close to 6th place in the poll.) Grace will visit the top five cities and host a very special Biz Ladies […]

packing and *house THINKING*

Our pallet (yes, pallet) of boxes and other items in our moving kit arrived this past Wednesday.  Already I think we’ve made a dent and packed a lot of stuff.  Still lots to go.  We do have an agreement of sale on our house.  It took about three weeks, which in our current local market […]

inspiration boards

I've come to the not-so-profound conclusion that everyone should have an inspiration board at home (and work too!).  As I set up my home office, that was one of my big to-do's: to get a tack board not for any practical purpose, just to hang random things up.  And I as find bits and pieces […]

project table…on the prowl

I’ve been looking for a project table for my office for quite some time.  Finding the perfect table is not the hard part.  It is finding the perfect table in my price range that is a challenge. (photo from Design Within Reach) But at $1305 (on sale), that’s more like Design Not Within Reach.  Just […]

a peek into the happy living “Headquarters”

My 9×10 haven: It is a work in progress and no where near finished.  My next piece: a cheap and functional, yet stylish project table. I find inspiration in these: The top middle photo is from Elle Decor, I believe, and is Thomas O’Brien’s home office/studio.  The rest are from Pottery Barn.

flowers for a little happy living at work

A surprising day early, I received an over-sized (20) bouquet of tulips from my favorite O.M. (old man) for Valentine’s Day.  It came in a rectangular box in the perfect shade of celery green from ProFlowers.com.  Needless to say, it was the highlight of the day at the office.  I trimmed the stems (the buds […]

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