chair update





supplies :: cordless screwdriver to remove the seat and back from the chair frame, flathead screwdriver and/or pliers to remove the upholstery staples and old fabric, Amy Butler fabric from, fusible batting from (since the fabric I bought is not upholstery fabric, the fusible batting gives it a bit more strength) and iron, staple gun and staples.

I took the outer old fabric off, but left the next layer of barkcloth and old padding on.  The fusible batting also helps even out any lumps and bumps that may be in the old padding.  I usually cut at least 5 inches of extra fabric around the ‘forms’.  I ironed the fabric to the batting.  When I staple, I always staple the corners first and then fold in the sides, pulling it tight as I go around.  The seat back was more of a challenge and I had to take it off and start over once.  Although I reused the same piece, that is why I always buy more fabric than I need.

No more bird poo chair!

If you haven’t ever, definitely try out recovering a chair.  It is a very easy and satisfying d.i.y. project.

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