decluttering furniture

I finally bought a couch for our living room.  I have had this couch on my list for awhile and just needed time to think about it and also wait for our budget and the department store sale to converge.  We haven’t received it yet as it is on backorder.  Waiting doesn’t bother me that much.  It just gives us more time to figure out what to do with the frat-house-futon that the new couch is taking the place of.

Yea, it’s musical furniture in our house.  The boy doesn’t like to throw things or give things away too much.  It is a constant struggle between us.  I have been accused of taking some items to Goodwill that I was not given permission to.  I admit, it is a possibility.  When I get to bagging things up, some things just get swept up in the frenzy.  In all fairness though, I have brought some random pieces of furniture into our home over the years.  Sometimes they stay and sometimes they don’t.


We have a mish-mash of furniture: a dining room table and chairs that was my great grandmother’s, a living room set from Strawbridges (now Macy’s), bertoia chairs from ebay, heywood wakefield and lane tables also from ebay, a little roll-top desk that belonged to someone in my dad’s family, a $10 chair from a strip-mall antique store in Rehoboth, DE and of course some Ikea pieces.


Some things we will always have and others served a purpose at some point but I am looking forward to upgrading, getting something more useful or just making a better choice this time around and getting something that I love that will be a classic to me.  I am slowly becoming more thoughtful about what I spend my money on, although I do have my moments of what I call Target-induced unconscious spending. Fortunately they are becoming rarer (and I also live further away from big box stores than I used to).  Two other things have happened to me (us) over this past year.  First, we moved into what we consider our long-term house.  Second, I think it has just been over the past couple of years that I have really developed a sense of what my own style is and more importantly come to an understanding of my lifestyle as a wife, an architect, a house-keeper and all the other roles that I play in making a home.


All of the things above are just now coming together and it is causing me to pause everytime I think "Oh, I want that piece of furniture".  And if I buy said piece of furniture does something else need to leave?  We are lucky to have ebay and craigslist which enable us to in essence recycle our unwanted things.  At least they are not going into a landfill.  But do I necessarily want my house to become a revolving door of tables and chairs?  There is always a bit of rotation and editing in decorating.  But with the major pieces I want some permanence.

I think I have rambled on long enough and will end there.  All this came about because I wanted to buy this today, but did not.  I still haven’t decided on whether or not to get it.  I’ll let you know. 😉

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