Divided rooms: what to do with them

Recent clients were trying to sell their condo, but had a second bedroom that was divided up into two spaces.  The clients thought this divided room could be turning away potential buyers who could not visualize a way to utilize and furnish both spaces.

A basic design principle (used by designers and organizers alike) is to divide the room or rooms up into zones or areas based on the activity and this works even in small spaces.

I took the overall plan of the rooms and applied activities of a young boy (toddler to child age).

The smaller portion of the room (at the top) is designated as the "sleeping & dressing nook".

The rest of the bedroom below is for the "reading area", "play area" and "art & craft area".  Each area shows an example of
furniture for the activity.  The possibilities are endless, depending on the child and his/her interests.

Click on the images for the larger size.

What if it was an adult bedroom?  The nook could be used as a dressing area, with a vanity, clothes horse and bench or ottoman.  It could also be used as a home office off of the bedroom area.  Another option would be a sitting/reading area, almost like a retreat space.  The two thick walls on either side provide a great transition between the two spaces and plenty of room to install a curtain, screen or even bi-fold doors to be able to close off one from the other if desired.

Boy_sleeping_nook_4 Boy_reading_corner_2

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