duty and the earth : roadmaps : spring cleaning

Img_1046I did my civic duty today, or did I just exercise a right?  Either way I voted.  Honestly, I did it purely because I have the right to do so and think of all the oppressed people in the world still who would like to also have that right.  When I think of our government and politicians I don’t get all warm and fuzzy but I still have hope in mankind.

And today is also Earth Day 2008.  And since I am being honest I did not really do anything to celebrate.  Well, I did forego the paper cozy at Starbucks this morning and I walked to the voting place.

Some housekeeping…I have a new email address.  It is erinn at happylivingdesign dot com.  It is all part of, as a former colleague put it in a recent email, taking ‘happy living Design, LLC’ to the next level.  I also have my talented cousin who is a graphic designer working on a HLD logo.  It’s all about your ‘brand’, ya know. 

Speaking of business stuff and following your dreams, Erin has a great new series called Roadmaps on her blog.  She just recently quit her day job and if you are thinking of doing the same to pursue another career or turn a passion into business you might like to check it out.  It compliments what is going on at decor8 and Creative Thursday.  All good ladies, all good stuff.

Img_1032It’s spring!  And there is sun and I have a farmer tan to prove it.  This past Saturday we went fishing and canoeing up in Coal Country, PA with the boy’s dad (my FIL) and Poppy (his grandfather).  Do you think any other Dwell subscribers fish while reading the latest issue?  I caught one fish but it wasn’t big enough to keep.

Do any of you actually do Spring Cleaning at your home?  I always have great intentions of accomplishing a great big Spring Cleaning Checklist on a sunny Saturday but it never happens.  I think it is hard for most of us to have large blocks of time to get through a big checklist.  Somehow the important things get done around here (most of the time!) but just at our own pace.  We whittle away at our list and projects, sometimes with a big spurt of energy here and there.  When it comes down to it though, I really need to visit with my 90 year old grandmother and my windows will still be there when I get back.  I am sure of it.

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