entertaining simple by Matthew Mead

"…recipes, menus, and party ideas for every kind of gathering."

I truly enjoy everything that Matthew Meadproduces.  He is one of the main reasons that I initially subscribed to Country Home magazine (he is a style editor there).

Entertaining Simple is his new book and I love it.  The styling and photographs (by Quentin Bacon) are gorgeous.  But even more so I identify with his message, that entertaining should be fun and should be about spending time with the people we care about and not slaving away in the kitchen for hours planning elaborate and overwhelming dinner parties. 

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He suggests creating a simple pantry of white dishes and clear glassware that can be used for any occasions, either dressed up or down, storing everything in easy to see and reach places because you'll be more likley to use everything.

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There are suggestions about how to make dishes multitask to save money and space.

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There are ideas on how to personalize the table and create fun and simple themes.

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And then there are the delicious recipes.

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I acquire a lot of books.  A LOT.  But for many, I end up reselling, donating or giving to friends and family when they are no longer useful to me.  This one I can say for sure is a keeper though.  Get your copy here.

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