fabric box storage collections

So versatile, so pretty and so organized…for every room of a home.  I kick myself every time I think of how I passed up all those marked-down boxes that Hold Everything was selling off when they closed up shop.  But I have three favorite go-to online shops to buy beautiful fabric covered storage pieces.

Not in any particular order…

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west elm

and KOLO (more specifically for photographs, but their boxes can be used for all sorts of things)

I know I’ve mentioned KOLO before and probably will again.  west elm’s collection is now 20% off!  Right now, CB2’s colors are my favorite, but how great is that west elm red?  These pieces are great for rooms that have shelving instead of cabinets to keep items together and looking great.  I do consider this type of storage as an investment because they are not the least expensive option…but worth it, I think for a long term solution.

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