fabric panel headboard

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This month I put Blueprint magazine on the publication pedestal.  My favorite feature was the Small Space Makeover for Editor-in-Chief Sarah Humphreys.  I had a light-bulb moment relative to the headboard they made for Sarah which was just fabric hung on a wooden dowel since space was at an ultimate premium in her apartment. (photos above from Blueprint magazine, left and CB2, middle and right)

And then not martha reminded me of those amazing Marimekko fabric panels and hanging hardware CB2 now carries.

We are in the planning stages of a bedroom and bath overhaul.  The first phase was the new vanity, sink, faucet and counter in the bathroom.  Bedroom:  so we upgraded to a king size bed, which I have very mixed feelings about to begin with (another story), but I did find a relatively simple and reasonably priced platform bed frame and headboard.  The three pictures above the bed I purchased in…1998.  Yes, I cannot believe it has been that long.  I got a job at Pier 1 when I moved back to Philly from New York before I got a job in architecture and got the set of landscape prints there for less than $30.  And I have loved them ever since.  But the size, material and color of our new headboard seems to overwhelm the three lonely pictures.  Purchasing a large piece of art just doesn’t seem like it is in our budget, so I think one of those Marimekko panels could be the perfect-in-every-way answer to my dilemma.  I *heart* Marimekko anything.  And particularly the two panel prints above that CB2 has right now.  The panel is $49.95 and the hanging hardware is $24.95.  Not too bad.

The other benefit I see, is that if I ever got bored with the panel, I could run down to my favorite Philly fabric shop and pick up a couple of yards of remnant fabric and hang that from the hardware.  I guess I could also make something with a sturdy wooden dowel and some hook-and-eye hardware.  We will see…

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