finding inspiration

We all get ‘stuck’ on what to do with a room or how to begin a renovation or makeover.  Sometimes I have a vague image of what I want a room to look like but don’t have anything specific enough to go forward with.  I just need something to push me on.

Did I mention before that I am magazine junkie?  Living Etc., a British publication is one of my all time favorites but can be expensive since it comes all the way across the Atlantic Ocean.  Living Etc. now has an online photo Gallery highlighting images from different magazine issues.  The Gallery is divided up by room i.e. Bedrooms, Bathrooms, etc… and the images are oh-so pleasing and very inspiring.  Looking to redo your bedroom?  Take a look at the Bedroom Gallery.  Which room scape appeals to you the most?  It doesn’t have to be a literal copy.  You can use the image as your ‘springboard’ or starting point and adapt it to your own personal taste.  Be open-minded.  Be inspired.

(all images from Living Etc.)


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