floral spiral notebooks by Sara Blette

via See Jane Work (my favorite online stationery/office supply/organizing shop).

I’ll have one of each please!
"Each spiral-bound notebook features a hand silk-screened image on the
front cover. Pages are lined on the front, grid on the back, and the
heavy cardboard back cover makes a sturdy writing surface."
See more of Sara’s work here.


(photos from See Jane Work)

We closed (settled) on our new-to-us house today.  It went smoother than our refinance for our other house.  I am in high-gear right now and my mind is going a million miles a minute thinking of all the projects big and small that await us.  The boy went to Lumber Liquidators right after closing to pick up the bamboo floor for our bedroom.  That is the only room we are touching before we move in.  I’m making lots of lists, tearing out magazine pages for inspiration and even ordering samples.  I absolutely must have a notebook with me wherever I go and will eventually be going to the chiropractor for lugging around everything on my shoulder.

Of course, we met the previous homeowner and her son at closing.  She was the sweetest woman and gave me a big hug after settlement.  Her son mentioned a few times of all the great memories their family has of the house, especially the time spent on the screened-in porch and I was glad that they seemed happy to be passing the house onto us.  They have an open-ended invitation to stop by anytime they want.  Seems to be a great way to start fresh in the new place.

I’m trying to keep up with the blog.  There are some days that I feel pulled in every direction and do not have much energy to write or do not feel so inspired either.  A few days away, though and I’m ready to jump back in.  I hope you’ll bear with me.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

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